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EVE Online™ updates its market ESI-API every 5 minutes. And we have it all nice and fresh for you after max. 5 seconds, querying and processing millions of orders and delivering them to you in mere seconds! Never again loose profit because you were using a slower competitor. We are using various state-of-the-art big data techniques for this, be amazed! Still, we are working on getting even faster!

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EVEBroker constantly analyzes and monitors the whole market - and calculates all possible deals! We even factor in the range settings to help you drop off the cargo with far less jumps! No, you dont have to configure a thing, no market knowledge required. We provide you with extensive filters to find the right deals out of the hundreds of thousands - like start or destination solarsystem, max.cargohold, max.invest, min.profit, RoI% or min.Security. And yes, we are calculating the NEAREST drop-off location for you, not the earliest drop off on the route to the buy station - warm greetings from our mathematics and graph theory department!

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For sure you can copy&paste everything into EVE Online like the others. Or you log in with your EVE Online Account via SSO and use powerfull tools like: setting waypoint. This list is getting extended very soon now that the login-functionality is established.(20/06/2019)